Okay, as you might have guessed, I’m finally writing about one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I know, Space Ghost toes the line as far as being “retro” is concerned, but this is primarily a nostalgia blog anyway, not necessarily a blog about “retro” stuff. So ease up out my face, if you were ever in my face in the first place. Ace. Mace. Race?


SGC2C, as it’ll be referred to for the remainder of this post, was one of those defining shows of my adolescence. (Maybe that’s why I turned out the way I did.) In case you don’t know, it’s a talk show in a very loose sense of the term. Of course, Space Ghost is the host. Zorak, the bandleader and Moltar, the director, are Space Ghost’s former nemeses. He has imprisoned them and forced them to work on his show. The result is the worst best talk show ever. If you’ve never seen it, oh man. You’ve missed out on a real winner if you like off-the-wall, surreal humor.

The show started in 1994, long before my rinkydink local cable company even considered the idea of carrying Cartoon Network. They finally added it to the lineup sometime in the fall of 1997, and I was consumed by it. But that’s a story for another time.

SGC2C was one of the first shows I watched on CN. I was curious about it, having seen it mentioned on sister networks TNT and TBS at some point. At first I thought it was pretty damn stupid, but then I saw the episode Untitled, in which much randomness ensued. I laughed my ass off and from that point on was a rabid fan.

I quickly began taping it every week and had most of the 1997 season recorded along with an assortment of older episodes. Some of those old ones are great, but the ’97 ones will probably always be my favorites.

So, here are a few of my favorite episodes from 1997.

Episode 49: Untitled


I present to you the only clip of this episode I could find: Space Ghost’s “Dance of Joy”.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the one that started my obsession. All kinds of crazy shit happens, including but not limited to a toupee-wearing Zorak. That in and of itself is hilarity. Other highlights include the very bizarre and possibly high on some mind-altering substance George Clinton and Moltar’s massive mancrush on Erik Estrada (you know, the guy from CHiPs). Zorak says, “Let the power of Ponch compel you” about 25 times. In the end, inexplicably, everyone blows up. Absurdity at its finest.

Episode 51: Piledriver

This episode is another of the greats. (Ignore that random Scooby-Doo thing at the beginning.) In this one, we meet Space Ghost’s grandpa, ex-wrestler Leonard Ghostal, whose voice should sound very familiar. Quite a bit of tension builds between him and Rob Zombie. Meanwhile, the Saucer Crab is giving people their weekly beatings. Space Ghost goes off to fight The Mind Taker. I won’t spoil the whole thing; watch it for yourself!

Episode 42: Switcheroo (2)


There are actually two episodes entitled “Switcheroo”, but this is the better one by far. Apparently, Zorak and Moltar took part in “Sci-Fi Con ’97”, and they didn’t invite Space Ghost. So Space Ghost decides to do his own convention, “Space Ghost Con ’97”. Just watch this one. It’s got Mark Hamill in it; Star Wars references abound.

Episode 57: Joshua

Actually, this is technically the first episode of 1998, but it’s included with the 1997 DVD set and in my time zone, was aired on December 31st, 1997. So there. Interesting bit of trivia: On December 31st, 2007, I was watching some Space Ghost to kill some time. Specifically, this episode. Guess what I was doing exactly ten years earlier.

Anyway, this is a radically different formula than all the other episodes. It really feels like you fell asleep watching TV while sick with the flu and proceeded to have a fever dream in which the usual gang of idiots stars in one of those really bad late-night infomercials. At the end of the episode, the show returns to its usual format for about three minutes. This is definitely one of the strangest episodes. It’s not for everyone (most of the show isn’t), but I rather like it.

Episode 55: Telethon


This episode lampoons such things as those Jerry Lewis telethons. The show’s broke, so Space Ghost decides to hold his own telethon. The Council of Doom is there to take calls and just generally cause trouble.

Anyway, Brak’s in this one. I know I haven’t mentioned him yet, but it’s not that I dislike the guy. The truth is, he’s just not on SGC2C that much. He was a major player in Cartoon Planet though, which I also watched religiously.

Well, I hope somebody out there had a good time with this post. And for the love of God, if you liked it, or hated it, or just want to say “Hello my name is Brak”, leave me a damn comment!