…Also known as “I kinda feel like writing a post but I don’t have enough material on any one topic that I am currently inspired to write about”. Also also known as, “damn, since the end of the Nostalgiathon my hits have gone way down and I want more pageviews.”

Ahem. Yes. I have a few things to say, so I’m gonna say ’em.

First of all, the Thrift Store Gods have smiled on me yet again. About a week ago, I decided to try going to Community Thrift Store again. I’d been there before, but they didn’t really have anything. This time I got some great stuff though, like– get this –a Grimace plushie. A vintage one, even. I didn’t even know they made McDonald’s plushies like this.


I feel bad for just taking that person’s image, but it was the only one I could find. To make myself feel better, I’ll link to their auction. You, too, could have your very own anthropomorphic fuzzy purple gumdrop.

Mine was kinda dirty, but he cleaned up nice and otherwise is in good shape. Better shape than a 20-something-year-old anthropomorphic fuzzy purple gumdrop has any right to be. Also, he only cost me like, a dollar.

I also went in there looking for a Pound Puppy and I found a gray one!…in one of those bags with a bunch of other toys. However, at this store, they only mark those bags 99 cents, which is way better than the 2.98 the other places charge, so I figured, what the hell. Not until extricating him from his overcrowded plastic bag prison did I see that he had yellow paint dried onto his underside. Surprisingly, I managed to get most of it off, and he and my other Pound Puppy seem to be getting along pretty well. For now anyway.

I ended up succumbing to the bag trap again because I found a Gonga in one of them! He’s a white plush gorilla that I believe was made in the late 70s/early 80s. My dad has had one for as long as I can remember, and I thought it would be cool to have one too. Plus I got a way better price than some of these eBayers are charging. Here he is, except mine doesn’t have the cute little hearts.


I also got one of those giant tiger plushies. I’ve always wanted one, but if you buy one new, you’re looking at 20 bucks. Target had them for 13, but that was ON SALE. Glad I passed up on that, because this one I found is in immaculate condition and only set me back three dollars!

The only problem with having bought this cool stuff is now I have a bunch of other toys that I didn’t really want. Sigh.

Moving on. I bought more things! Which is…uh, probably why we’re short on cash this month. Damn.

More Robot Heroes! This next wave has Beast Wars guys and Gen 1 guys, but I’m not interested in the BW ones, so I just snagged both of the G1 sets. I got Hound, pictured on the left, and Blitzwing (who is he again?), pictured on the right:


And the other set contains Galvatron and Sunstreaker. Why Sunstreaker? I have no idea. But here’s a picture. You can kinda see Sunstreaker’s hand in it. I guess that counts for something.


The Robot Heroes have been restored to their rightful place on top of the TV, along with the new additions. However, some of them have been moved over to the top of the DVD rack, because it’s getting mighty crowded on the TV.

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a problem with Hound. For one thing, I keep mixing his ass up with Prowl, who doesn’t look anything like him, but I continue to do it anyway for reasons I don’t understand. But more importantly, he can’t stand up. He just…can’t. He’s the only one I’ve had this problem with. Currently he is leaning on Jazz for support. Poor guy. I guess he drank too much Energon or something.

And finally, something completely off-topic.

A couple of weeks ago, I was up early enough to actually go out to a Carl’s Jr. and find out if they still had the Cinnamon n’ Raisin Biscuit. So I went down to the nearest one at about 9 in the morning, and there it was on the menu. I was so excited that I ordered two of ’em.

I had to wait on them kind of a long time, but I had nothing better to do, so I sat patiently. When they arrived, I scraped off most of the icing because I hate icing. Just like old times. It tasted like 1987 all over again except…I think they were frozen because the edges kinda tasted freezer-burnt. BLASPHEMY. Frozen biscuits at Hardee’s would have been considered a sacrilege back in the day. But since this was Carl’s, I guess I should’ve expected that.

The final verdict? If I’m up early, on the road, and need breakfast, I might consider getting one of these again. But I still think I want to try making them myself sometime. Preferably in the winter when it’s not 80 degrees in my apartment.

TTFN, ta-ta for now!