One poor excuse for an update, coming right up!

Yeah, my life has not been conducive to blogging lately. First there was Christmas. Then there was New Year’s Eve, which was the best New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had due to the fact that I actually got to have people over to MY PLACE for once. And now there’s the fact that I spend as much time away from home as possible because I don’t like sitting around missing my husband all day long.

However, I’m not throwing in the blogging towel. Not at all. I’ve scored some cool retro junk in my time away, and I will write about it before too much longer.

In the meantime, I can finally prove that I actually do own all this stuff I’ve been writing about, because I bought myself a digital camera with my Christmas money! No more scouring the internet for pictures of my purchases! I’m psyched; are you psyched?

Take a little virtual tour of my apartment!

Also, have a really dumb picture of me!

The Face