I have some good memories of this regional pizza chain. Sometime in 1989, we moved from our old house into a very 1970s mobile home on the north side of town. We were on a corner lot, right by a major street, and directly across from our house was a Mazzio’s.

What made it even better was that up until the last few years, most Mazzio’s locations had at least a couple of arcade machines, or sometimes pinball machines. Also, you could buy these plastic cups from them, and you could refill them for a quarter. I cherished that pink plastic cup and its straw that made a whistling noise when you blew air through it, and on many a summer day, I would walk over to Mazzio’s and fill it up with every soda on the fountain, all mixed together. Video games, soda, and pizza– what more could a kid want?

I also liked their quirky decor– they used to have all kinds of vintage-style trinkets everywhere, and a lot of posters that had a 40s-50s feel to them. Now the stores look like this…


…and the interiors are much more generic, aka “modern”. And like I said before, they don’t have games anymore. So going to Mazzio’s just isn’t the same– except for the pizza, which is relatively unchanged.

(I’m sneaking this post in at the last minute! It’s not midnight here yet!)