I found a huuuuge antique store here in Norman today, and I spent quite a bit of time in there. As I’ve said before, I could easily spend hundreds of dollars in one of these places, but I’m trying not to totally break our bank account.

In one room, I found some prints that used to hang in my bedroom when I was little. I had forgotten all about them until today. Here’s a more complete set. The ones I found today were the blonde girl and the brunette in the white hat, but when I was little we also had the one of the baby with the pink blanket and the girl with the kitten.

Turns out that the artist’s name is Frances Hook, and these pieces and other similar ones were used in the print ads for Northern toilet paper back in the 60s or 70s (reports vary). They’re adorable. I’m considering buying that set from eBay, but I already spent twenty dollars on the two I found today…don’t know if the husband will agree to me spending more. Plus, I’d have to frame them and…blah. I think I’ll have to pass.

Anyway, when I was searching around for info on the prints, I found this place: Retro Renovation. It does a bang-up job of combining two of my interests: interior design/decorating and old stuff! I’ve already blown half my afternoon looking at stuff there. Pink bathrooms galore!