Damn, I haven’t made a real post since July. I can’t make any promises that I’m ready to start updating on a regular basis again, but I wanted to show you guys the retro junk I’ve collected during my little hiatus. To be honest, there’s not very much of it– as I said several times before, the thrift store selection around here is so-so, and I generally don’t even try garage sales, because who the fuck wants to get up at 6 AM on a Saturday to go look at people’s unwanted trash can fodder? The chances of finding something awesome are very slim. (Though admittedly, I did find a couple things at some garage sales last week, but they’re not retro stuff so…)

I’ve been checking the Salvation Army store down the street quite regularly, and the fact that I’ve only bought maybe four little things from there either says something about the store or about my taste. To be fair, I’ve mostly been looking for retro furniture, and every single damn piece that I’ve wanted has disappeared before I could get back down there to buy it. Not exactly good for my morale.

Anyway! Enough moping. Anyone recognize this?


No? I didn’t at first either. I saw it on the shelf, thought it was cute but very unusual. See, it has this hole in the side of it:


I picked it up and saw a mark that told me it was made in 1956, so I decided to buy it even though I didn’t know what the hell it was supposed to be used for. It was only five dollars.

I figured that someone on the internet had to know what this is, so I searched around and was pretty surprised to find that it’s a dresser caddy– you put your wallet in the side hole, your change in the pouch, and your watch on the tail. That’s probably the last thing I would have thought of– I was thinking pencil holder, napkin holder, random-small-crap holder, maybe even a place to put cigarettes.

But I was even more surprised to find that this is just like the kangaroo Bruce Willis’ character used in Pulp Fiction to store his very important watch. I feel stupid for completely forgetting about it because I’ve seen that movie a dozen times. More info here if you’re interested.

It’s in great shape, and it’s not a reproduction. I’m excited to finally own a piece that could actually be worth something someday, and has some pop culture significance. So I doubt we’ll actually use it for its original purpose. I plan to take good care of it.

Alright, moving on. I found some character glasses a few months back! I’ve been looking for some for a while, so I was pretty happy to find these. I found a Ducktales one and a Muppets one.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

That’s all for now.