I’ve mostly used this blog as an outlet for geekery about stuff like station IDs and old movies. That stuff isn’t going to stop (is that good or bad? you be the judge), but I do want to get a little more personal every now and then.

Well, what better inspiration than old photos? I have recently acquired a shiny new scanner/printer/copier machine doohickey. This makes it much easier to make such posts.

So, let’s go on a little trip back to 1983, shall we? We’ll start on February 9, the day I came into the world.

On that day, I looked like this:


In case you’re a moron, I’m the little purplish-red…thing. It’s a wonder my parents even decided to take me home. I’ve watched enough episodes of that “A Baby Story” show on TLC to know that most babies aren’t exactly pretty when they first come out, but I never saw one as hideous as I was.

And sadly, my mom doesn’t look much better. But she has a good reason for that. She was 38 years old and had just finished pushing out a 10-pound-3-ounce hunk of baby. If you did that, you’d probably look like death too.

My grandpa has told me that he didn’t want to hold me because I was so ugly. Hey, Grandpa, I’m the only one that’s allowed to say that I’m gross. Back off. He got over it though, because there are pictures of him holding me a few months down the road.


There’s Dad and me. Thankfully, I’m looking much better there.

Here’s a similar picture, but Dad is missing something:


The lip ferret is nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, it would not be the last time he did that. He did it again when I was about three years old and I flipped the hell out. Apparently, I cried, “You’re not my daddy!” To my knowledge, he’s never done it again since. Now, in general, I don’t like facial hair, but Dad is an exception. Even though it’s all salt-and-pepper these days, I still think he looks far better with the mustache than without.

Anyway, I plan on doing more of these in the future. I’m really partial to my old photos and I think it’ll be a lot of fun to write about them. Hopefully you guys can enjoy them too, and if not, well…you know what you can do.