Before I get started, I got the most views ever in one day on the 27th: 68! That’s a lot for my little secluded corner of teh internets. I literally got up and did a dance when I saw that. So thank you, readers, for visiting. Even if you think I suck at this, thanks for dropping in anyway.

Okay, so I actually did this a month ago on my Livejournal, but since I don’t think many of you read that, I thought I’d repost it here, especially since I talk about my childhood quite a bit in it. I also don’t have a lot of time to write a “real” post right now. So take it or leave it. XD

Oh, and I’m not going to post the rules and whatnot because I’m pretty sure everyone’s already done it anyway.

1. Since I was 14 years old, I’ve been trying to write a story.

I was given an old Packard Bell computer that ran Windows 95, had no CD-ROM drive and a broken floppy drive. It certainly couldn’t get online. Since there was essentially nothing else to do on the damn thing except play Solitaire, screw around in Paint, and write stuff in WordPad, I ended up writing on that thing quite a bit.

The plot was nonexistent and the writing in and of itself was pretty lame. My favorite part about writing was (and still is) playing around with characters. I still remember my first two characters’ names: Ian Sheridan and Cameron Chase. After I gave up on that “story”, I ended up unconsciously re-using Cameron’s personality for a character named Adrian, and consciously re-used the last name “Sheridan” because I liked it so much. XD

Also, I was heavily inspired by Star Wars, and thus wanted to write a big space opera, but I gave up on the idea a long time ago.

I’m a much better writer nowadays, but I still haven’t finished a project. >_>;

2. When I was three years old, I fell through the ceiling.

True story. My grandpa was building a second story into our house, and I was up there playing while he was working. I remember tromping around wearing my mom’s red pumps, and then I hit a weak spot in the unfinished floor. I don’t remember anything after that, but apparently I was somehow hanging on to one of the rafters and screaming bloody murder. So it’s not like I fell all the way through to the floor. If I had, I probably would’ve been hurt pretty bad, because it was like an eight- or nine-foot ceiling.

3. I’ve landed smack on my head before.

One time when I was about eight or nine (can’t remember exactly), we were at the lake for July 4th. I was swinging in the playground with my friends, and of course we used to do dumb shit like go as high as possible and then jump out. Well, I was swinging really high, and decided to try to jump out, because that would make me cool, right? Well, I messed up somehow. I remember seeing the ground fly up and over me and then I landed on my head. Apparently, I did a flip in midair. I cried for like an hour afterward. That shit HURT.

4. I don’t think I could live without ice cream.

Seriously, I buy a carton every week. There is almost always ice cream in my house. I manage to eat it and not gain a ton of weight. Maybe it’s because I don’t really eat cheese and I drink fat free milk. XD

5. I was born out of wedlock.

=_= Nobody bothered to explain this to me, either. I found out when I was about 16 and had to have my birth certificate to get my driver’s permit. “Mom, why is your last name on here as ‘Cooper’?” She explained it to me, and I got REALLY mad. Nowadays it doesn’t bother me, but I do wonder if that’s why my grandmother didn’t like my dad and wasn’t very close to me.

6. I’ve never met any of my dad’s family.

Most of them lived in California, and nowadays half of them are dead. My grandparents died when I was just a baby. My dad is going to be 60 on the 12th, and he’s the baby of the family, so. I haven’t seen my other sister since I was two years old, but I’ve talked to her on the phone a couple of times. She has three kids which I’ve never met or even talked to. Someday, I’d like to go out to California and meet them, but that’s a long ways off.

Anyway, there you have it. Hopefully within the next week or so, I’ll have another post up. But I make no guarantees. XD